‘When you make a promise, you don’t renege’ – Waldron

Independent councillor Tony Waldron was re-elected on the fourth count in the Hyde Centre on Sunday after receiving an impressive 1390 first-preference votes, the third highest in the area.

Speaking to the Roscommon People, Cllr Waldron said that “people were particularly engaged” during the campaign.

“They knew what was going on, what I had done for them over the last few years, and were very ready to talk on the things they want addressed”, he said, citing housing and planning as being among the most common concerns raised by those he spoke to, as well as a general sense of concern about the need to support rural areas.

Another issue he spoke passionately about was the local fire service: “It’s a number one priority for me, the fire services across the county. The fire station in Castlerea was promised to the people in 2019 and it wasn’t delivered.

“And then politicians wonder why there’s not more confidence in them”, he quipped. “When you make a promise, you fulfil that promise – you don’t renege on it”.

The Ballintubber-based councillor also touched on tourism, an issue he consistently raised over recent years. Commending the progress that’s been made to enhance the county’s attractions, Cllr Waldron said he will continue to campaign on issues such as the need to commemorate Bully’s Acre (where many victims of the Great Famine were buried), as well as remaining very focussed on the continued realisation of the potential of the Suck Valley Way.

Cllr Waldron said that he has a lot of hope and enthusiasm going forward: “I think there are very exciting times ahead for our county and that we can create a Roscommon with more opportunity and more prosperity for everyone. And I look forward to working with the various local agencies and individuals in an effort to achieve that”.