This is not Rooskey…



As the text messages whizzed around with the news, you could almost hear a collective and weary sigh from the community in Rooskey. Not again …

  More madness, silliness, call it what you like. But not, surely not, in the name of the people of Rooskey. A second attempted arson attack at the local hotel, where 80 or so asylum seekers are reportedly due to arrive soon.

  This is sad now…demoralising, worrying.

  And this isn’t Rooskey. This certainly isn’t Rooskey. There are strong indications of ‘outside influence’ – but even if there is a local or two involved (and there is no suggestion that there is), this isn’t Rooskey.

  The people of Rooskey are dismayed by this silliness, this crime, this madness. Angry too. It serves no good purpose. It is creating negative headlines, connecting those headlines to a great village.

  This is a mess which should never have been landed on this beautiful village, with its great history and heritage, its close-knit sense of community.

  This mess should never have happened …

  This week, national politicians who were barely aware of the existence of the village a few months ago, returned with their self-important statements. Amongst them, David Stanton, the Minister of State with responsibility for Equality, Immigration and Integration.

  Minister Stanton had the gall to say: “We are committed to working with the community and offering whatever support and reassurances we can”.

  Eh, post the arson attacks? Is this the same Government which failed utterly to communicate adequately with the people of Rooskey on the asylum seekers’ issue over recent months?

  Negative headlines, rumour and suspicion, uncertainty and confusion. All created by a flawed Direct Provision policy and a shocking lack of communication. Meanwhile, a village that actually needs constructive support from Government, not apathy or patronising words, finds itself in a no-man’s land.

  … receiving no meaningful support as it bids to recover from various economic setbacks…and unfairly laden down with the fall-out from the ugly scent of these stupid arson attacks.

  This is not Rooskey.