Series of Youth Masses begins in Roscommon this Saturday




A series of Youth Masses are being organised in Roscommon Town. The overall aim is to provide a Mass for all parishioners, but especially aimed at young people, once a month, over a 6-month period – November 2018 to June 2019.

  The main objective is to deliver a Mass in a format that young people can relate to, employing the two forms of effective communication appropriate to that age group – aural and visual. (Young people receive messages aurally through their music and song, and visually through the technology they use on a daily basis).

  Each Mass would have a relevant theme to young people – in actual fact to people in general, e.g. caring for others, caring for ourselves, resilience, loneliness, gratitude, homelessness, optimism, social intelligence, etc. (Building blocks to help and develop young people’s characters and life skills).

  Some popular appropriate songs will be played throughout the Mass – these can be linked into the theme of the Mass. As the songs are being performed, images will be shown on a large screen that are also linked into the theme of the Mass and the songs being played.

  The first Mass will be held on this Saturday, 24th of November 2018 at 7 pm. This is the normal Saturday evening parish Mass. While this Mass has been designed for young people, it is hoped that people of all ages will attend and benefit from the huge amount of work young people have put into this initiative.

  It is hoped that subsequent Masses will take place on the last Saturday of January, February and March 2019 and if these are successful, it is hoped they will continue every month until June 2019.

  All are very welcome.