Paschal: ‘Next council must reflect on issues raised during campaign’

Castlerea’s Paschal Fitzmaurice (FF) topped the poll in the Roscommon Local Electoral Area (LEA). Comfortably electing three councillors and holding their power position within the LEA, Fianna Fáil managed their vote well.

Cllr Fitzmaurice said: “I’m delighted with the fantastic turnout on polling day and humbled by all the people who came out and put their faith in me again.

“Honestly, I am humbled with the fact my vote held up well, despite the emergence of some really strong candidates in LEA”.

Cllr Fitzmaurice added: “On the campaign trail, constituents highlighted a variety of issues and it is important that we as elected representatives listen to them and ensure their needs are catered to in the most efficient way possible”.

Cllr Fitzmaurice says that he intends to be proactive in addressing the issues raised such as town, village and road safety concerns, the need for playgrounds and civic spaces in towns and villages that are currently lacking and in delivering these services.

He said: “It is vital we are considerate of children and adults with disabilities and ensuring the facilities we develop for communities are accessible for all”.


Before concluding his conversation with the Roscommon People, Cllr Fitzmaurice said: “I want to congratulate all my colleagues who got elected but I also want to say to those who were unsuccessful ‘well done’, it takes a lot to put your name before the people and anyone who does so for the right reasons is to be commended”.