Naughten delight at vote rise

Fine Gael councillor John Naughten has thanked the electorate in Athlone LEA for returning him to Roscommon County Council with another increase in his first preference vote.

“I am delighted to have increased my vote on a second occasion in the Athlone area, and I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me, my great canvass team and my family for all their support”.

Cllr Naughten was very pleased with the Fine Gael performance in Roscommon.

“We went into the election with two councillors… we ran six candidates, all of them excellent candidates, and have returned with four councillors” he said, paying tribute to the fine campaigns of Dympna Daly-Finn and Robert McConn, both of whom contested well but didn’t gain election. Cllr Naughten noted that all six Fine Gael candidates had attracted significant votes and that the party has now doubled its representation on Roscommon County Council.

On the power-broking aspect of the incoming Council, Cllr Naughten was asked if another FF/FG-led alliance is now inevitable.

“There’s always negotiations after Council elections. We had an excellent working group on the last Council involving Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Independents. There’s quite a number of days to the first meeting of the new Council and I have no doubt that negotiations will take place”.