Moylan is ready to hit ground running

After the tallies were counted on Saturday, when it was clear that he was going to take a seat, the now Cllr Sean Moylan spoke to the Roscommon People, although he had to wait until Monday evening before officially being deemed elected.

Emmett Corcoran (EC): Were you expecting to see such a massive vote turnout for you on your first outing?

SM: I suppose we had targeted around a thousand votes. As a first-time candidate, it was always going to be difficult, I felt, to get my footprint out there. But I got the thousand and I had them got with seven or eight boxes still to open. So, I was very happy with the turnout.

EC: You now have a very strong mandate from the people of the Boyle Municipal District. What’s going to be top of the agenda?

SM: I suppose at the moment recreation and sports. I would be very strong on that, and I’d be hoping to help out with any areas that might be putting forward sports and recreation projects and (feel) that I could help out with those as best I can.

I suppose in terms of one big project, I’ve been looking at an alternative heritage route for the soon-to-be-bypassed Scramogue to Ballaghaderreen Road. But I’m going to operate like I always do, which is I’m a great man to learn, so I’d be operating a learning process off the peers or off the people that are in the council for longer than I have been.

EC: Do you fancy being part of the governing group of the next council?

SM: I think straight away that Fianna Fáil always believed in leading out from the front, that they were never a party to sit on the sidelines and try and dictate from the sidelines.

*The (clearly) popular Tulsk man appears set to hit the ground running and as a first-time councillor, Moylan looks like he is going to bring a new type of thinking and a new air of good humour and energy to the council chamber.