Dineen proudly flies flag for new party

With terms as an independent councillor under his belt, Cllr Nigel Dineen says he is “proud to be flying the flag for Independent Ireland” in the county. Dineen, who was first elected in 2014 is now heading into his third term in the council.

A well-known GAA man, auctioneer and media commentator, Cllr Dineen increased his first preference vote by almost 300 since 2019, securing 1298 first preferences. Independent Ireland’s TD for Roscommon-Galway, Michael Fitzmaurice, commented that Cllr Dineen and Paul Forde (Boyle LEA) had performed “brilliantly” for the fledgling party, despite Mr Forde narrowly missing out on a seat.

Cllr Dineen thanked everyone who came out to support him, especially his wife and family: “I want to start by thanking all the people who came out and gave me a vote, without them I wouldn’t be able to continue the work I’ve been doing for the last ten years on Roscommon County Council.

“But in particular, I would like to thank my supportive wife Aisling; my Director of Elections Liam Ryan, who has supported me at every election; my family;, friends and campaign team. It was a team effort for me to be returned to Roscommon County Council and I am very proud of everyone who has made that possible”.

Commiserating with those who were unsuccessful in getting elected, Cllr Dineen paid particular tribute to his party colleague (Paul Forde) in the Boyle LEA: “Paul did amazingly as a first-time candidate and hopefully there will be a future for him in politics. He’s a lovely man and truly cares about his community.

“Those of us who were elected now have a duty to deliver for the people who put us where we are and I intend to hit the ground running coming into this new and exciting council term”.