Covid-19 Business Restart Grant FAQ

What types of business can apply? Subject to the qualifying criteria below, any business that has a commercially rateable premises, or where rates are paid on your behalf and attributable to the business premises you occupy, can apply. Multiple chain stores, i.e. a business that is a non-financially independent branch of a group of chain stores, which is owned and managed by a single entity, are not eligible.

Non-commercial organisations such as community and sporting premises (including charity shops and community and sporting premises with a bar) are not eligible. Businesses that do not operate from commercially rateable premises (tradesmen, service providers, etc.) are not eligible. Premises that were vacant prior to the Covid-19 emergency are not eligible for the grant.


How soon will I get my grant? On average, we hope to issue approval within one week. This depends, of course, on the initial volume of applications. Applications will be processed in relation to anticipated re-opening dates, in line with the Government’s strategy for the re-opening of the economy.


How much will I get? The grant will be the amount of your rates demand in respect of calendar year 2019 only, subject to a minimum of €2,000 and a maximum of €10,000. In the event that your rates demand was reduced on appeal, the appeal rate will apply to an amount of the grant if the grant is over €2,000.


If my rates demand for calendar year 2019 was less than €2,000 can I receive a grant of €2,000? Yes.


What can I use the grant for? The grant is a contribution towards the cost of re-opening or keeping a business operational and re-connecting with employees and customers. The grant could be used to defray ongoing fixed costs, e.g. utilities, insurance, refurbishment or for measures to ensure employee and customer safety.


If my premises were not rate assessed in 2019 am I eligible? Yes. The local authority will endeavour to assess what your rates demand for 2019 would have been and, if, for any reason, an estimate cannot be made the minimum grant of €2,000 will be paid.


If I have not paid my 2019 rates, am I eligible? Yes.


If my rates are in arrears, am I eligible? Yes.


How do I apply? The application can be made online via your local authority website at


How will the grant be paid? The grant will be paid by electronic transfer to the business account detailed on the application form.


What are the criteria for qualifying for the grant? A business must have a turnover of less than €5m and have 50 or less employees. The business must have suffered a projected 25%+ loss in revenue from 1st of April 2020 to 30th of June 2020. The business must commit to remain open or to reopen if it was closed. The business must also declare the intention to retain employees that are benefitting from the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS). Businesses should retain supporting documentation as spot-checks may be carried out to verify a declaration to this effect.


When is the closing date? The closing date for receipt of applications is 31st of August 2020.


What is my Customer Number? Your Customer Number is located on your commercial rates demand.


What is my Rate Number? Your Rate Number (or LAID) is located on your commercial rates demand.



What is my Business Category? Business Categories, based on the Government’s Roadmap for a phased re-opening of the economy, are as set out below:

Phase 0: Business never closed. Phase 1 (18th May): Hardware, garden centres, opticians, motor/cycle repairs, office products, electrical, IT equipment, phone sales/repairs, outdoor construction, public amenities. Phase 2: Small retail outlets, marts. Phase 3: Creches for essential workers, retail outlets with street entrance, cafes, and restaurants for on-  consumption. Phase 4: Creches, ‘high-risk’ services including hairdressers, tourism accommodation. Phase 5: Bars, theatres, cinemas, gyms, shopping centres.