Callaghan knew race would be tight!

Fine Gael’s Liam Callaghan has retained his council seat in the Boyle Local Electoral Area, having been re-elected following a recount which led to the re-distribution of votes from fellow party candidate Dympna Daly-Finn.

Speaking about the highly competitive nature of the area’s election this year, Cllr Callaghan told the Roscommon People a lot of this came back to the “significant number of candidates on the ballot for Boyle”.

“From my point of view, I would have a rural focus and a rural base supporting me”, he said, noting that with the introduction of so many candidates in his area also advocating for similar issues he knew going into the election that the vote would be close.

Cllr Callaghan commented that he found canvassing and campaigning to have been “very good” this year: “People were very engaged, and had a good grasp on the issues and the work I’ve done on the council”, he said, suggesting that people’s knowledge of his experience, and faith in him in this regard, helped him gain the transfers he did.

He complimented and commended candidate Dympna Daly-Finn for running a “fantastic campaign” and receiving a “strong first-preference backing”, especially for a first-time candidate.

Going into the next five-year term, Cllr Callaghan has a firm grasp on where his focus will be going forward, referring to a number of projects he is eager to return to: “These would be projects I was involved in the commencement of, and ones I want to ensure get the proper funding and planning needed”.

In a more general sense, he also mentioned that he is eager to continue his role representing his constituents: “To represent the people of Boyle is a great honour”, he told the People.