Youth Club needs supervisors

Because of a delay in the opening of a new youth centre in Roscommon, Youth Club leaders are now looking for supervisors between now and May 23rd to allow the club to keep operating. Roscommon Youth Club continues to run very successfully and is well attended on a regular basis by a core group of about 70 members. The leaders would like to keep the club running until May 23rd. Last November when organisers were organising the roster of parents/guardians, they were hoping to be installed in the newly refurbished Youth Centre by end of March and only rostered supervisors until the end of April. Unfortunately the opening of the new centre has been delayed. To keep the club open until May 23rd, organisers will need at least six supervisors each night for the following dates; 2nd 9th 16th and 23rd May. Organisers are very grateful to people who have given a night of supervision and are only asking again because they know your teenagers enjoy coming to the club and are very keen to encourage them as much as possible. If you haven’t been available to supervise yet, please help them out.  A spokesperson for the club said, ‘It’s only for two hours and all we really require from you is an adult presence either downstairs in the gym or upstairs in the canteen. You won’t be asked to lead an activity. The leaders are always there to handle any queries or to handle any incidents should they occur. ‘If you can help us out, please could you email or text your name and the date you would be willing to supervise to the following email address or number; or (086) 8693474. All offers of help will be acknowledged. ‘If we don’t get enough supervisors we will let you know as soon as possible. We will have to close the club on that date for our junior members, but we will keep the senior section running until May 23rd. ‘We have had a busy few months of club with big numbers attending regularly. We are bringing two soccer teams, two quiz teams and a dance team to compete in the Youthwork Ireland regional heats in Sligo on 27th April. We brought ten of our seniors to London over the Easter break and we are going to Estonia with eight members and two leaders in June for eight days to meet with groups from Portugal, Slovakia and Estonia. ‘Thanks again to those of you who have helped us out and please please consider allowing us to keep the club running for a few more weeks by offering to supervise.’