Younger brother of Big Brother

Recently on Polish tv I saw another edition of reality show ‘Big Brother.’ I do not want to write about the participants and whether they are being natural or just acting in front of the cameras. What most surprises me is the fact that this type of programme is still very popular.    The first time we heard about this expression, ‘Big Brother,’ was in George Orwell’s book ‘1984.’ He is the biggest leader in fiction country. His name connects to totalitarian propaganda. The whole country is like one big family. The leader is a genius who cares about everyone. This person symbolised Stalin. Total control of everything and everywhere and everyone. This person dreamed of being a God. Later our pop culture adopted this expression – Big Brother – and understood it to mean total control of internet and mobile phones.    In 1997 in Holland Big Brother the reality television programme was created. It quickly became very popular all over the world. Today it is probably broadcast in every language. Where is this phenomenon? What is the fascination with watching people in their living rooms?    If I have to be honest