‘You never know what you’ll get at the Arts Centre!’



PJ Gallagher of ‘Naked Camera’ fame is taking his latest stand-up show – ‘Dickhead’ – on tour nationwide. The Dublin funnyman, who regularly plays sold-out shows at Kilkenny Cat Laughs, The Vodafone Comedy Carnival and Electric Picnic, spoke to Dan Dooner ahead of his performance at Roscommon Arts Centre this Saturday night (18th).

How did you first get started in comedy/performing?

To be really honest, I just wasn’t good at anything else other than telling stories, and Jason Byrne started asking me to perform sketches with him because I don’t think he wanted to do his early gigs on his own. I guess I stuck with it because of a lack of options and a really good mentor!

It’s not your first trip to Roscommon…

Yeah, I’ve played the arts centre a good few times before and I really like it, it’s one of those audiences where you really don’t have a clue what you are going to get. I haven’t been there in ages though so I’m looking forward to getting another go at it.

What are you expecting so on November 18th?

(Laughs) Well, I guess I don’t really have a clue! Hopefully a good bunch of people, plenty of laughs, some half-decent weather and a working microphone. The rest will be grand!

Tell us a bit about the new show – the title’s catchy anyway!

It’s basically a series of stories about me getting used to being in my 40s and about how you realise that you can never grow up even when you try your best. It’s not a kids’ show, that’s for sure.

You shot to fame with ‘Naked Camera’. Are people constantly on edge around you since?

Not anymore, nowadays I’m the one that gets all the wind-ups done on me. I guess I deserve it after all my years of doing it to other people. I talk about that in the show too.

Where did the inspiration for characters like Jake Stevens come from anyway?

They’re all exaggerated versions of people from my past that I have either worked with or went to school with or am related to. They don’t actually end up being anything like the real people, thankfully.

What can the audience expect on November 18th?

That I’ll do my best!