World Spine Day

How healthy is your spine?

Throughout the country people with spinal complaints suffer every day, often without having their complaint assessed and not knowing what is the cause of their existing problem.

  In support of World Spine Day on Friday 16th October, Bradley Clinic is providing complimentary consultations for the public for one full week.

  In conjunction with this the Chiropractic Association of Ireland will promote their yearly campaign, called Straighten Up Ireland.

  This is a campaign that provides the public with basic exercises and advice to keep and maintain a healthy spine, which most of us do not think about from one end of the week to another.

Why is our spine so important?

Our spine is a structure which protects our spinal cord, which is part of our nervous system.

  The nervous system controls every function that your body has, from allowing us to use the muscles involved in bending over and tying our shoe laces, to the more intrinsic functions of blood flow, digestion and fighting disease without conscious thought. 

  This is why it is so important to look after your spine as we only have one and it cannot be replaced.

  Some symptoms and complaints that our spine is related to, are, back pain and neck pain, disc problems causing pain into the hips legs and buttocks, sciatica, headaches, arm and shoulder pain, pregnancy pains and pins and needles into the extremities.

  The most common misconception in the general public is that our spine only affects our back, however the spine is related to the majority of nerve, muscle and joint complaints that people suffer from on a daily basis.

Open Week at Bradley Clinic

At Bradley Clinic our complimentary consultations will take place in Carrick-on-Shannon and Longford Town for both Chiropractic and Physiotherapy.

  During our consultation our practitioner will assist you with any questions you may have and fully assess the complaint that you are presenting with.

  If you wish to avail of a complimentary assessment by one of our practitioners, please call 071-9671100 or 043-3336565, or visit for more information.