Work on Coolteige route ‘will save lives’


Minister Denis Naughten says the N61 Coolteige route is set to undergo significant road safety works that “will save lives.”

  “The location of the proposed scheme is on the N61 immediately north of Roscommon Town where the accident rate on this section of national road is twice the national average,” stated Minister Naughten.

  “There are 47 access points on the N61 which are having a major impact on road safety. Under the works the number of access points will be reduced to 35 (by 75%),” confirmed Minister Naughten.

  The proposed road development is 2.5km with a standard Single Carriageway (7.3m carriageway with two 2.5m hard shoulders) cross section. The paved width is generally less than 6m with no hard shoulders and little or no verges. 

  “Sight distances at junctions are restricted with no overtaking opportunities which will be addressed by these works,” added Minister Naughten.

  “It is anticipated that 9 out of 10 vehicles will divert onto the realigned route following completion of works which is hugely positive for road safety, homeowners on that stretch and the environment. The cost of construction will be substantially met by the savings arising out of Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s successful appeal on the toll VAT issue,” concluded Minister Naughten.