Wood pellets – the ultimate wood energy product

Wood pellets are the ultimate recycled, environmentally neutral, sustainable wood energy product. Wood pellets are made from 100% waste sawdust, dried and compressed, creating an ideal biomass heating fuel.   Absolutely no new trees are cut down to produce these versatile products. In fact, wood pellets are a proven cost-effective by product of mill operations, creating additional employment from waste that may otherwise be burned dumped in landfills. Pellet fuel is more economical than oil and many other non-renewable fossil fuels, and its pricing has remained relatively stable, since 1990.   Today’s Pellet Boilers and Stoves burn at almost 100% combustion, with an overall heating efficiency of 90%, generating dramatically less pollution than any fossil fuels, while providing more value for your heating Euro. Pellet burners emissions are environmentally (carbon) neutral, producing virtually no particulate emissions or greenhouse gases.   Burning wood pellets in a pellet appliance in fact, completes the life cycle of the tree as nature intended, returning carbon (dioxide) to the environment, sustaining new growth, while providing vital oxygen for the animals of the earth.   Economical wood pellet biomass, burned in environmentally friendly pellet boilers and stoves make sense. In our fight against global warming, it is certainly a method of generating energy and heat which we should look into in the future.