With and without context at Mantua

New and unseen work by Leitrim-based artist Stephen Rennicks will be unveiled at a solo show entitled ‘With and Without Context’ at Mantua Project House on October 20th at 8 pm. The exhibition will be spread over two rooms. One room explores his influences while the other concentrates on new work. His show will run the art practice gamut to include paper collage, found art, charcoal and line drawing, sound, video, xerox, photography and installation. Such variety is possible because as this is his first truly solo exhibition in such a large space he is taking it as an opportunity to show a wide cross section of the work which he has been amassing naturally in his practice outside of specific projects or commissions, hence the show’s title.  Since moving to Co. Leitrim, Stephen Rennicks has, amongst other things, exhibited the second part of his ‘Black Lough’ trilogy at The Dock, left CDs of his sound piece ‘Time’ on the door of the Costello Memorial Chapel and given CD copies of ‘Temporary Residence’ to each of the residents of the Marymount apartment complex to mark the end of his stay there. Two of his more notable projects undertaken while in Dublin were his charity shop based year long ‘Junk Out of Context’ and his six month ‘secret residency’ at Dublin Airport. For Mantua the centre piece of the influences room is ‘More Than a Music Seat’, a sculpture of a particularly comfortable looking armchair made entirely from roughly 10 years worth of back issues of what was once known as the ‘weekly UK music press’, magazines such as NME, Melody Maker and Sounds. Now obsolete but from the artists collection so plenteous in numbers and bulk to create a chair as homage, on a surface level, to all the sitting down and reading they have inspired in him. The illumination they provided as first contact point with so many ‘underground’ artists and their ideas is more subtly represented. This piece in particular has been long envisaged by the artist but could not until now find a suitable outlet. Stephen Rennicks would like to thank everyone involved with the artist led Mantua Arts Project for both inviting him to show his work and continuing to provide such a necessary outlet for artists working in Roscommon and the North West. For more information on them go to http://www.mantuaproject.com and for more information on the artist go to http://www.freewebs.com/stephenrennicks. The Mantua project house is located on the right hand side when travelling the R369 road between Elphin and Ballinagare.