Will you leave a legacy?




My Legacy was established in 2003 by a small group of Irish charities who knew at first-hand the great impact a legacy gift can have on the work of a charity. They also realised that, unlike other countries, many Irish people do not make a will despite the importance of doing so.

  Since then, My Legacy has grown to an umbrella group of over 50 Irish charities who work together to highlight the importance of making a will and to ask people to consider leaving a legacy gift to a favourite charity, once family and friends have been taken care of and all other important personal decisions have been made.

  My Legacy is managed by a volunteer board of directors drawn from member charities and their work is funded by annual membership fees. My Legacy provides unbiased, useful information to individuals, charities and solicitors about leaving legacies to charities. My Legacy does not solicit specific gifts or legacies for individual organisations.

  This week is My Legacy Week and so a good time to make your will and consider leaving a legacy gift to a cause you care about.

  Having a will is very important for so many good reasons and particularly during annual awareness campaign, My Legacy Week, you are encouraged to take that first step in writing your will by making an appointment with a solicitor.

  My Legacy is grateful for the support of hundreds of solicitor firms all around the country who can offer expert guidance and advice about making or amending a will at any time of the year.

  It is usually more straightforward and cost effective process than you might think and your solicitor will discuss what is necessary for drawing up this important personal document when you make your appointment.

  Once family and friends have been looked after and all other important personal decisions have been made, deciding to leave a legacy gift to a charity is a wonderful way to support a favourite cause in the future. Large or small, every legacy is a generous gift of hope and trust for the future.