Will these illegal dumpers pay heed?

Actions branded ‘a disgrace’

A person or persons recently reacted to illegal dumping in the Mount Talbot area by picking up the ‘offending items’, putting them in a bin and leaving a message for whoever was responsible for the offence.

A reader sent us this photograph, explaining: “I took this photograph on a road in the Mount Talbot area. The people who put the sign up obviously recovered the rubbish out of the drain. Indeed more rubbish has been placed in bags beside the sign.

“Rubbish is constantly being dumped on this road, which is a disgrace. It is a busy enough road with pedestrians, farmers, etc. As the message on the bin says, this is indeed a disgrace. We hope that by the Roscommon People publishing this photograph and exposing this behaviour, the offenders might think twice before doing it again”.