Wild Youth tweets apology to Ballygar Carnival goers

Following on from the recent controversy surrounding Wild Youth’s performance at the Ballygar Carnival the band issued a tweet this morning apologising to the concert goers, the tweet said:

“In the midst of everything we didn’t get to apologise to everyone who went to the Ballygar Festival for arriving late to the stage. Things ran over throughout the day and we are deeply sorry to anyone who bought a ticket and felt let down. WY x”

This comes after the Ballygar Carnival committee released a statement last night on their social media channels confirming that professional negotiations had taken place and “a settlement” has been reached between the committee and the band.

You can read the statement from Ballygar Carnival in full below…

Wild youth had, last night, retweeted the Ballygar Carnival statement saying “It’s always very important to remember that just because something is tweeted does not mean it’s always true. It’s not right that what’s put on twitter is becoming gospel nowadays. The press will report on a tweet without fact checking of proof reading anything. Anyway, Thank you to the ballygar community for clearing up the untrue accusations against us. Love, WY,”