Widespread dumping reported at Taughmaconnell bog

Widespread dumping is taking place at Clooncoran Bog in Taughmaconnell, south Roscommon, residents have told Roscommon County Council.

  The local authority received several complaints about illegal disposal of various material at this location last month. The council’s environment complaints were released under the Freedom of Information Act.

  Dead animals and household and building waste are among the items which the public claimed was being dumped at the bog.

  One report reads: “I’m reporting about the ongoing dumping in Clooncoran Bog. It’s getting out of hand at this stage now.

  “It’s not a waste ground or dumping – it’s a bog. It’s the same person over and over again dumping. There was two more tractor/trailer loads dumped on Saturday, of concrete blocks and other things.

  “Why can’t the council put in place cameras?”

  On September 10, another resident complained that “seven to eight loads of pallets and plastic bags” had been dumped at the bog.

  On September 15, the council received a “confidential complaint concerning allegations of infilling at Clooncoran Bog”.

  Two weeks later, on September 29, a similar report was received. “There is more dumping at Clooncoran,” the complaint reads. “The man responsible also during the spring time disposes of dead animals at the same location.”

  Local councillor John Keogh, of Fianna Fáil, said that he too received reports of dumping at the bog.

  “I raised them with the council and they went out and carried out a clean-up,” he said. “I have requested surveillance be carried out at the bog.”

  While Clooncoran Bog was the location which the public were particularly exercised about last month, there were, in fact, reports of dumping at various locations throughout Co Roscommon.

  Twelve bags of rubbish had been dumped in a drain in Ballaghaderreen, one resident said. “Trailer loads of rubbish” had been disposed at Annagh Bog, Creggancor, on the Williamstown Road, three miles outside Castlerea.

  On September 18, a report was received of a “large dead stag” dumped on the roadside between Athleague and Mount Talbot.

  The same day, it was alleged that in the Athlone area, 40 or 50 scrap cars were located outside a person’s house, with “lots of cats and rats about”.