Why I’m troubled by allegations concerning day care centre in USA


It’s a common fact that children are cared for primarily by their parents. However, as we know, thousands of children across this country happily attend a daily childcare facility of some sort. Now, the motives for this vary, but I’d imagine the main one would be that both parents are working and the relatives, for whatever reason, are unable to step in and help, meaning the obvious choice is very often a childminder, a crèche or an after school day care facility, etc.

  Now there has always been much debate regarding the effect early childhood care facilities can have on small children, but I’m not going to get into that here, except to say I believe they can play a fantastic role in lending valuable support to busy parents.

  However, as choosing a childminder or crèche is probably one of the more difficult parenting decisions you’ll have to make –believe me, I know only too well – I want to ask what happens when those who work at that facility cheekily step over the line, and, instead of operating in a support role to you, the parent, do something to your child that’s totally against your wishes?

  Let me explain. Last week, two mothers living in the USA posted ‘before and after’ images of their toddlers on social media as evidence to support very serious accusations against their Washington day care centre, where they say staff had ‘waxed’ their kiddies’ eyebrows! Can you imagine?

  According to a distraught Alyssa Salgado, “these women” at the Boys and Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties, “decided to wax my daughter’s uni-brow,” with Glenda Maria Cruz claiming the same atrocity had happened to her one-year-old son, saying, “Today my life changed, I never thought something like these would or could happen to my son”. (Sic). 

  Now I don’t know about you readers, but if anyone laid a hand on a hair, eyebrow, limb or any other part of my child’s/grandchild’s  anatomy without my permission, (unless of course it was necessary in a life or death situation), the Gardaí would literally have to peel me off that individual’s body, because I’d go ballistic! What (allegedly) happened to those two babies in childcare is, in my opinion, assault.

  How dare anyone make a decision to alter a child’s appearance without the express permission of the parents…it’s outrageous. Now of course I’m certain this violation would never, ever happen in Ireland. No way! Our childcare facilities are staffed by highly professional and genuine individuals, and I’m sure when they read this, they’ll be genuinely sick to their stomachs.

  Those working in the care industry down these parts know that parenting styles differ, and they would expect and welcome those who’re leaving their kids with them for eight to ten hours a day to discuss how they want their angels to be ‘raised’ during this time. You see folks, I believe childminding, like parenting, is a tough job. Those we entrust with our most prized possessions are, we expect, patient, caring and loving professionals (so treat them as such). But do –  leaving no room for ambiguity – make your wishes and expectations for your child known to them in as clear and concise a manner as possible.

  At the end of the day your childminder is not your kids’ parent…you are!

  In the meantime, authorities in the US are investigating the (alleged) assault on these two toddlers, saying, ‘The Boys and Girls Club takes these allegations seriously and will work to support the investigation process’.

Enet! What has the State got to hide?

I hate to be a pain in our lovely Minister Naughten’s derriere, but did you know that journalist Gavin Sheridan submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request regarding details of the State’s contract with broadband provider Enet, only to have it denied? This was appealed, with the Data Commissioner ruling in Gavin’s favour; however the Department appealed this to the High Court, eh, which also ruled in Mr. Sheridan’s favour. Ya with me? Ah, but then the Department appealed to the Court of Appeal.

  Now this is very troubling, especially as I’m led to believe that since 2010 a grand total of 799 FOI requests were lodged and not one of them has reached this level of legal scrutiny in a bid to (allegedly) keep something concealed from the Irish people.

  You see, public money is changing hands; so the public has a right to know what’s contained in this broadband contract; and trying to keep the contents hush-hush is going against the very function of the Information Commissioner. So maybe Minister Naughten and his Department could explain the reasons for this brush-off to poor confused little Miriam and let me know what mitigating circumstances they have for disrespecting not only the Irish people, (voters), but also the decision of the High Court?

  Bottom line…we want to know, (have a right to know), what’s going on with this Enet ‘deal!’ Are we getting enough bang for our buck? What has the State got to hide?

  And while I’m at it, I hope Micheál Martin & Co. are squirming this week. It’s due to their stupidity this initiative tanked in the first place! If they hadn’t privatised Telecom Éireann with their reckless, sale-of-the-century style economics back in 1999, rural Ireland wouldn’t be knee-deep in this cr*p! Pack of eejits!