Why Boris’ battle to Brexit may prove to be his downfall






Well, if ever we had even a smidgen of a doubt that he was a contentious, conceited, bumptious, and, extremely divisive so-and-so, Boris’ choice of newly-appointed foot-soldiers can lay those uncertainties to rest. Yes readers, by putting together what could be considered as the most right-wing Eurosceptic cabinet in, well, possibly living history, it’s clear that Britain’s new ‘do or die’ PM’s approach to Brexit will not only prove to be erratic, it’ll also prove to be a highly toxic and damaging one. Why? Because Boris is acting like a spoiled brat who’s making unreasonable demands…that’s why! Because he’s a leader who seems to care nothing for his entire country as a whole, rather he intends only focusing on those who voted for his pathetic little pie-in-the-sky Brexit dream, meaning he’ll be a PM for a minority and everyone else can go to hell.

  Yes folks, as the power of the pound is plummeting, as the October deadline approaches, the Brexit Bulldog, who, bless him, sees himself as another Winston Churchill, is making it clear he plans to leave the EU cold turkey and anyone who doesn’t agree with him can go and stew! For those who think I’m being overly dramatic, let me tell you why I’m concerned.

  Last week, Boris’ message to the world was crystal clear; the gist being that he and his cabinet don’t care if his strategy means instability, massive job losses and food shortages, not just for us, but for everyone. Indeed, it’s probably fair to say that some observers on this side of the water could probably even worry that his bombastic rhetoric was clearly designed to instigate a direct threat to us. Well, if that’s the case, all I can say is this…be careful what you wish for Boris love. You see, if you crash out of the union without a deal, you’ll not only be damaging our economy, you’ll also be damaging your own nation’s and, for the record, we here on the island of Ireland are well prepared for your buffoonery…(we are…aren’t we Leo? Simon?). We won’t be rolling over for you, that’s for sure. Yeah, mess with us sunshine, and that romantic rollercoaster you’ve been riding to showcase your despotic personality traits is highly likely to become dramatically derailed. You might be box office gold now Boris, and you might want to take a flying jump off that cliff, but, be warned, you won’t be taking us with you. Remember this mate…you were not elected by the people of Britain, you were only elected by the Tories, and that, you vainglorious snob, will be your ultimate downfall. That explicit fact will make you the hilarious punchline to your own pathetic joke. Boris, your use of uncompromising language when discussing the UK’s exit from the EU, (which was, I assume, clearly designed to largely invite confrontation both from Ireland and the rest of Europe), will not only lead to dissension and discord among your fellow countrymen and women who voted to remain; it’ll also place your status as being the Prime Minister in a highly precarious position come election time. Now, I’m sorry, but that’s gotta stick in your craw love! That has to cause you sleepless nights. So, given the situation, let me put to you, that very same question you put to your minions last week…“Do you feel daunted?” Well, do you, Boris? And furthermore pal, here’s the sting in the tail for you…you’ll be run out of Downing Street quicker than that pair Kim and Aggie can remove that red wine stain from your girlfriend’s designer sofa!



Is controversy in our childcare sector tip of the iceberg?


Many years ago, around 2002, when I was an investigative reporter for the Evening Herald, I wrote an explosive exposé concerning a crèche whose childcare procedures had come to my attention. Each morning, as I drove by this service’s building and observed their ‘practices’ and, from chatting to some of its clients, I concluded I had enough cause for my suspicions to become aroused, and, ahem, set up a surveillance of sorts. What I discovered shocked me to the core. The crèche, (located on Dublin’s Northside), while on a group day trip to Bray, County Wicklow, accidentally ‘forgot’ one of their little charges, leaving him stranded alone and petrified on the beach! The little lad, who was 5 years old at the time, was lucky he came to the attention of a nearby grandmother who observed his distress and called local Gardaí.

  I also discovered the same crèche had, three weeks previously, managed to, ‘misplace,’ two siblings, (who were part of triplet brothers), when the pair got up from their ‘designated nap time’ and, unnoticed, exited through an open window, hazardously crossing a busy main road, before trotting off into their front garden. The toddlers were discovered sitting on their doorstep weeping hysterically many hours later by their horrified parents. The crèche was local to where I lived, and the owners were a husband and wife team. Sound familiar? Now, no names, no scandals, just relaying my story, and you may draw your own conclusions. 

  My explosive piece brought in the HSE, (this was before Tusla), and the Gardaí, because I reported it to both organisations; and the impact was such, the crèche was forced to close down, with the owners allegedly moving to new premises, setting up again under a different name. I became the focus of intimidation, not just from the crèche I’d exposed, but strangely, from some of the parents who accused me of closing down the only childcare facility they had in the area. Imagine? Of course I’m not easily intimidated. Many parents did knock on my door to thank me profusely for my exposé, including the dad of the little boy abandoned on Bray seafront.

  Look, my point is this; RTE’s documentary is not the first time we’ve heard about such horrors…and it won’t be the last. And I want to know…how is it that the Food Safety Authority of Ireland can hand out closure notices to establishments for poor food hygiene practices, yet Tusla, with all its power, allegedly can’t close down a crèche for sub-standard and, what I’d perceive to be, abusive childcare practices? Nope…makes no sense to me either. May I conclude that there are wonderfully caring and responsible crèche facilities across this county who’re both run and staffed by amazing, trustworthy professionals.


And another thing…


What kind of nonsense was going through Leo Varadkar’s head that made him think we’d swallow the whole slap-on-the-wrist demotion penalty dished out to Maria Bailey for her ludicrous ‘swing-gate’ claim was fair and just? And, does Leo seriously believe we endorse his conclusion that Josepha Madigan, whose legal advice was given to Bailey in her capacity as a mere TD, has absolutely nothing to answer for? Furthermore, does last week’s statement by Leo now mean he’s adding the title of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to his CV, and that he, and not the courts, will be enforcing criminal law on behalf of the people of Ireland? And oh, does it strike anyone as strange that, you and me, whose taxes likely paid for internal ‘enquiry’ will have to be satisfied with a cr***y statement from Leo as opposed to actually seeing evidence of any documentation pertaining to its outcome?