Who’s saying what on TWEET STREET…

Paul Healy’s take on top tweets!

Pat Magee
Genuinely believe we couldn’t have a better Taoiseach than Leo Varadkar during this unforeseen event, well done #taoiseach #COVID19 #Covid_19ireland #StayAtHome #StPatricksDay

– Tweeters, for the most part, were well impressed with Leo Varadkar’s address to the nation

John Lee
Tour de force by @LeoVaradkar – hard to see justification for change of Taoiseach right now #coronavirus #taoiseach #stateofnation

– The praise for Leo just kept coming…

Philip Nolan
I actually thought was pitch perfect. No taoiseach in our history has had to address us like that. The focus, as it has been all along, was on people, not the economy, unlike the situation with our neighbours on both sides. Bravo. #TaoiseachsAddress #CoronavirusIreland

– The well-known journalist/columnist also gave Leo the thumbs-up

That was v emotional and Leo showed great leadership and kindness and empathy. So many people say BOD sounds like Leo and I now want him to address me every night in a suit and tie at 9pm and reassure me all will be okay.

– The actress Amy Huberman on Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s inspirational address to the nation on Tuesday night…and on how her hubby Brian O’Driscoll might follow suit!

Caolán Mc Aree
Claire Byrne broadcasting live from her garden shed is possibly the most iconic Irish TV moment in Irish recent history! We dont deserve her. #cblive #cornavirus #coronaIreland #coronapocolypse

– Monday night’s Claire Byrne Live Show was unique…but these are unique times

Avril Lynch
Nice looking shed. I wouldn’t want to be self-isolating in my shed.

– Yeah…strange times. Now we’re reviewing the garden sheds of RTE broadcasters…

Daithi K.
A government minister Regina Doherty on #TonightVMTV telling the professor & consultant oncologist John Crown he’s wrong. Eh. #COVIDー19

– Regina’s still in power…not everyone’s happy about that!

Paul Cashin
Jack Charlton one of the greatest Irishmen ever! Don’t care if he wasn’t born here. He did more for the country than than most political figures of that generation #COYBIG #theboysingreen

– We’ve been loving RTE’s ‘The Boys in Green’…

Cian Raftery
Jack Charlton still managing to lift the mood of the nation even in 2020 #BoysInGreen #lockdown

– Now let’s put that virus under pressure, in the spirit of Jack

Sarah-Jane Murphy
Never been so proud to be Irish. Our collective resilience, generosity of spirit and love of life is more infectious than any virus. #LaFheilePadraig

– And so say all of us!