Who’s saying what on TWEET STREET…

Paul Healy’s take on top tweets!


Michael O’Regan


Stephen Donnelly has just told Claire Byrne the Government would not seal the border for “important political reasons”. Jesus! People are dying from a pandemic!

– The Health Minister was trending, and it wasn’t particularly positive


Muireann O’Connell


Assume a large part of everyone’s lockdown exercise regime is walking to the heating to turn it off and on so you hit that sweet spot of not freezing/passing out with anxiety at the thoughts of the bill.

– Bills, bills, bills…we’re all feeling the heat


Barry McGonigle


Tom Brady continuing the great season for Cavan by getting Tampa to the #SuperBowl. H’on the Breffni!!!

– Something to do with ‘American football’…(we’re working on it)


Adam Bienkov


“We are not a papers-carrying country,” says Matt Hancock, whose government has made it illegal for lorry drivers to enter Kent without a permit. #marr

– There’s never a dull moment with smooth old Matt


Seamus Duke


In today’s Indo – 50 footballers who were unlucky not to have won an All Star. Frankie Dolan not mentioned….. MAJOR omission. @IndoSport #rosgaa

– Seamus Duke spots a Frankie Dolan-sized omission


New Year, New Mam


 Sweet suffering Jesus – all the Irish people coming back from lanzarote last night on @RTE_PrimeTime and not wanting to be interviewed or identified – hmm – and strolling on out the doors of Dublin airport, unimpeded …I despair

– Tensions are running high  


Alan Kinsella


RTE broadcasting live from Dublin Airport arrivals each evening would have a bigger impact on travel than the government’s policy to date.

– Alan sees the wisdom of RTE approach…


Robert Burke


Is it true RTÉ sent cameras to Dublin airport to shame Irish people flying home from Lanzarote? The same people who threw a retirement party while people weren’t allowed attend their friends funerals or open their business and nobody lost their jobs over it. They’ve some neck.

 – Hold on, not everyone agrees


Susan Smyth


I have to say the snow was such a beautiful distraction this weekend, nature never fails to provide beauty, awe and joy. #nature

– That’s more like it; Susan calms everyone down and reminds us of the beauty of nature