Who’s saying what on TWEET STREET…

Paul Healy’s take on top tweets!

Brian O’Driscoll – @BrianODriscoll

Jeez it’s a mess out there atm. So thankful for this newborn diverting my stress levels elsewhere! Hope everyone is doing ok. Hang in there.

– The rugby legend addresses the nation


Colette Browne – @colettebrowne

Does the country really need operation transformation during a strict level 5 lockdown?! I, for one, will be consuming only wine and chocolate.

– Desperate times call for…


Marian Keyes – @MarianKeyes

Big day tomorrow! DOUBLE bins!!!!!!!!!!!! (‘Bin night’ is the only thing in my calendar until Saturday.)

– The bins. Always the bins. Bane of our lives…(and Donald Trump wants his exclamation marks back)


Rylan Clark-Neal – @Rylan

Surely now is the time we all need a bit of Celebrity Big Brother

– The logical, sensible, focus-on-pandemic side of my head says ‘no!’ (while I roll my eyes) – but the dumbed-down and ‘we need a distraction, ‘I’m A Celebrity’ is over’ side of my head says, well…maybe…


Off The Ball – @offtheball

Do we have a #PremierLeague title race on our hands?

– Yeah, if Liverpool keep messing up…


Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan – @lukeming

Can we have “a new variant” of governance please. #coronavirus

– Ming’s not happy with the Coalition…


Gavan Reilly – @gavreilly

The general gist from Government Buildings this evening is: welcome to April 2020.

– April? April? The rising media star is probably right…


Howard Simpson – @howard086

RTE are getting more pathetic by the day. Such stupid questions. Click and collect was like the pub with the pizza and Mark asked the Minister what relevance had stopping that to clusters. When Covid is over RTE presenters should move in to Drama.

– It’s official…local man Howard’s had enough of Prime Time!