When it comes to 2019 weddings, personalisation is the key





We all adore a good wedding, especially if it’s an unusually creative one. And, thanks to an abundance of inventive and innovative Roscommon couples who are set to tie the knot this year, we’re confident there will be no shortage of fun, fabulous, ‘must attend’ ceremonies happening across the county this season.

  And so, if you’re lucky enough to be one half of a happy, resourceful, productive pair, and you’re about to say ‘I do’ this spring/summer, before you put the finishing touches to your big day, we’ve got a few 2019 tips and trends you might like to take note of.




They’re unique to every couple; however, with personalisation being the key, we thought we’d alert you to the latest trend of ‘invitation-via-video’ messages. Just select your favourite photos, preferably ones that set the theme and tone, (don’t forget to add filters), add a personal verbal message, not forgetting some text to give guests plenty of details regarding the venue, and press send. Seriously…how fun-tastic are you?




It’s nearly a year to that big event; yes when Meghan married Harry, and this means the whole pomp and pageantry of their big day hasn’t yet worn thin. So brides and grooms, think bling, think big, think billowy and think bouncy, and you’ve got it covered. Oh, and while you’re at it, to add that regal touch, don’t forget the big tiara.


Arrive in style!


Now while we’re not too sure about this one, although we bet it will make for great photo-ops, the must-have entrance/exit cette saison de mariage, (okay, we’re trying to add panache and flair here…it means this wedding season), is to arrive or leave in a flash of colour, with cloudy smoke-bombs being the desired fun-prop on every 2019 bride and groom’s list. Our top tip: The effect is best captured during the daylight hours, so perhaps use it to make your grand entrance.




According to those in the know, i.e. us lot here at your favourite family newspaper, Living Coral is Pantone’s ‘colour of the year for 2019’. Now while you may wish to be on-trend, and while coral is a beautifully fresh tone, we’d imagine basing your entire palate on this hue may be a tad boring, so our advice is to mix it up a bit by adding a zesty lemon and lime or hues of powder blue or girly pink to inject a touch of romance.


Professional touch…


Provide a pro…a hair and make-up pro that is. Every guest who dances out their fabulous up-do channelling their inner Beyoncé will appreciate a visit to the ladies’ room for a slash of lippy, a touch of mascara and a spritz of hairspray applied by a professional stylist to help keep them showcase that just-stepped-off-the-catwalk look that’s guaranteed to last them well into the after-hours party.


An extra treat?


For an extra treat, and in order to make your guests’ experience really memorable, you could also install a tarot card reader or a palm reader in the bathroom to keep them enthralled and entertained while their stylist attends to their hair/make-up needs.