What’s your vision for the Royal Hotel?



The Royal Hotel is situated on the northern bank of the Boyle River and Roscommon County Council believe it is deserving of a central role in the future life of the town of Boyle. The building had been used as a hotel until approximately a decade ago when it ceased trading. The building has been vacant since then and its condition has deteriorated significantly since closure. Roscommon County Council has purchased the Royal Hotel site and now wishes to consult with the people of Boyle and open discussion on practical, constructive and sustainable solutions for the future use of this site. The council are asking for the people of Boyle to submit their vision for the site.

  Before making your submission please note: The site is zoned for ‘Core Town Centre’ uses in the current Boyle Local Area Plan. We have learned that the most successful town centre development offers, not just one, but a rich variety of related and complementary uses which attract and sustain town centre communities.

  Some uses compatible with this zone may include: civic building, residential spaces, public open spaces, commercial spaces and a mix of shops.

  Flooding concerns: A significant proportion (over half) of the overall Royal Hotel site, (including over 90% of the out-buildings) are within a Flood Zone, as set out in the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) of the Boyle Local Area Plan.

  Proposals will only be considered in a flood zone where it is demonstrated that they will not have adverse impacts or impede access to a watercourse, floodplain or flood protection and management facilities, or increase the risk of flooding to other locations.

  Other Important Information: The publican’s licence associated with the hotel expired in September 2010. 

  The Royal Hotel is not a protected structure but is within the Boyle Town Architectural Conservation Area.  

  Once all submissions have been reviewed by Roscommon County Council’s Economic Development Team, a report will be prepared for the Elected Members of Roscommon County Council as required by Planning Law. The findings will then be shared with the members of Boyle Town Team. Deadline for submissions is November 17th. Submission form can be found at www.roscommoncoco.ie