What our TDs have to say on Rooskey…





Denis Naughten (Independent)

“I have written to Minister Stanton, who has responsibility for immigration, outlining my concerns at the proposal to accommodate asylum seekers in the former Shannon Key West Hotel.

  “This is an isolated location which cannot provide the facilities that will be needed by the families that would be accommodated in such a centre.

  “These people would have to travel to other locations to avail of the services needed and I have asked Minister Stanton to consider this before deciding on a location”.

Eugene Murphy (Fianna Fáil)

“Over the last few days the village of Rooskey was told that a refugee centre was moving to the former Shannon Key West Hotel, nobody in the community was informed (prior to this).

  “Why is the Government doing this under a secret type of cover? Why not go to the communities first and then the communities could meet these challenges head on and support these people? Extra support in schools and doctors’ surgeries, etc. is talked about but it isn’t happening – just like it didn’t happen in Ballaghaderreen. Local communities need back-up and support to be able to help these communities.

  “I have tabled a number of parliamentary questions with the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan seeking clarification on a number of issues relating to the refugee centre in Rooskey”.

Michael Fitzmaurice (Independent)

“Many people came to a public meeting not too long ago and it was anticipated that the hotel would be opening for events or opening on a full-time basis. If this had come to pass, I would have said that it would have led to a new dawn for the area.

  “Firstly, this is not about being against asylum seekers; but Rooskey is a very small village. The medical, educational and transports services that would be required to house these asylum seekers are just not there.

  “In the local area, medical practitioners are at capacity. Are we going to see what happened in Ballaghaderreen, where people were – through no fault of their own – foisted by the HSE on top of services that were already bursting at the seams?

  “It is my view that The Shannon Key West Hotel is not a suitable location for asylum seekers”.

* In conversation with Dan Dooner