What is Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy?

It is a unique, safe and effective healing modality which can help the body to regain health and vitality. It has been scientifically established based on quantum physics that the body is comprised of energy. Bio-Energy Therapy is a science based form of Therapeutics that adheres to the physics of body’s bio-field.

Life-Force energy holds the key to life and health. When you have an abundance of this energy, you feel healthy and well. However, due to stress and trauma there may be insufficient life-force energy maintaining vital organs and systems. (These can be called ‘energy blockages’).

Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy can help clear these blockages and balance the energy field, allowing the body to begin its own self-healing process.

The therapist uses a series of hand positions and special techniques to focus energy and scan the body, clearing it of any energy blockages and re-invigorating the flow of life-force energy in a particular area of the body.

This technique is also used to help boost the immune system, assisting the body to fight against sickness and disease.

Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy is available at Molloy’s Pharmacy, Harrison Centre, Roscommon town. Contact Catherine on 086 4568509 for an appointment.