Western Bio Fuels getting very warm response

Western Bio Fuels were set up by Bobby Masterson and Eamonn Burke in January 2007 after Bobby spotted a gap in the market for the supply of top quality eco friendly wood pellets.   ‘I had been using a wood pellet stove for 18 months and I found that the quality of wood pellets I was using was very poor so I went to visit some friends that I have in Germany who have been using pellets for years and the quality of the pellets they were getting there was of such a high standard that I decided to set up a business importing top grade pellets into Ireland. We set up in Castleblakney and we haven’t looked back since.’   Bobby says that the quality of the pellets is very important to achieve maximum efficiency in a stove.   ‘There are only three countries in Europe who are able to supply the highest quality DIN Standard 51731 pellets – Germany, Sweden and Austria – and the reason why the pellets here are not the very highest quality is because of the high moisture in the wood.’   The business is going very well since it was opened and Bobby tells me that they are now selling in the region of 50 tons of pellets every month.   ‘We are very happy with the way it’s going. We are selling all over the region and the market is getting bigger every day Western Bio Fuels have also diversified into the selling of wood pellet boilers’.      Bobby Masterson tells me that they are supplying and fitting all types of wood pellet boilers including the Irish-made Ger Kros Woodpecker boilers.   ‘The best thing about the Ger Kros make is that there is a great after-sales service  and back-up if it’s needed which is a major advantage to the customer’ he said.   Bobby also told me that while the cost of installing the boilers is dear there is a fantastic grant scheme available from the Government.    ‘It’s about €4,500 plus VAT to install the basic boiler with most domestic  boilers costing no more that 4,700 plus VAT but remember there is a money back grant from the Government of €4,200 for installing these stoves which is a major selling point’.   The cost of the wood pellets is also very competitive. ‘The pellets come in 500 kg and 15 kg bags. The 500 kg bags are far most cost-effective  but we will cater for the smaller user too.’   This eco-friendly business is the way of the future and Bobby Masterson and Eamonn Burke are confident that their business will be growing steadily as the demand for their product increases.   ‘It’s definitely the way to go and we will talk to anyone about installing a boiler or stove which can take the pellets. Remember that the Governmemt grant is in place so it’s advisable to act now’ concluded Bobby.    The numbers to contact for Western Bio Fuels is: 087-7865080 or 087 7504008.  Contact Bobby or Eamonn.