WestBIC hosts EU Delegation for Interregional Learning Event

TRINNO is an EU Consortium learning from local Business Ecosystems across EU Regions and has recently focussed on WestBIC and Partners and their best practices in the Northern and Western Region of Ireland.

  Over 40 partners and stakeholders from business support ecosystems in Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Slovenia and Spain recently met in Galway for a two-day exchange event.

  The event was hosted by WestBIC within the TRINNO project – ‘Business ecosystems for Tradition and Innovation.’

  Participants visited several hubs of the Galway business ecosystem, including the biggest Incubation site in the West – Galway Technology Centre, the new PorterShed co-working space and the technology transfer and research facilities of the University of Galway.

  They learned about potential for innovation in traditional sectors through flagship initiatives such as Galway’s successful European Capital of Culture 2020 and spillover potential for neighbouring counties including Roscommon.

  Later in the project, the partners have expressed their interest in returning to Ireland to learn about the business support eco-systems in the more rural locations of the Northern and Western region including Co. Roscommon.

  Locally, partners are working closely with relevant stakeholders. Work is already underway to support the traditional food sector in Roscommon and surrounding region, taking a collaborative approach across the public and private sectors, identifying good practices from which to develop a suitable policy approach and model to support and grow the sector.

‘Timing opportune’

James Donlon, WestBIC International Projects Manager said: “The timing of this best practice exchange is opportune within the context of the Regional Action Plan for Jobs and locally through Local and Economic and Community Plans.

  “These identify traditional sectors, including agri-food as priorities for support, which can be achieved through a novel collective approach that we are proposing.

  “We are working closely with Roscommon County Council and other local and regional stakeholders to achieve a positive result for this region.”