‘West is best!’ Wild Youth promising ‘big party vibes’ at Ballygar Carnival

Roscommon People reporter, Dan Dooner, caught up with Dublin band Wild Youth ahead of their highly anticipated performance at this year’s Ballygar Carnival on this Sunday, August 6th


How did your guys first meet?

We grew up together. We are lifelong friends who make music together!

Describe your music style in one word…


We loved your performance at Eurovision. Were you surprised you didn’t qualify for the final?

Uhm, not really, it always felt a hard task. And something told us that it just wasn’t going to swing our way. But we’re so glad viewers enjoyed it and it was an amazing journey.

What have you been doing/working on since then?

We’ve been working on new music, and we’ve just finished a sold-out UK tour. 

Have you played out west before and are you excited to visit again?

Yeah. West is best, we love it!

What have you heard about Ballygar Carnival?

Just that the energy of the crowd is amazing. It’s a late show and it’s got big party vibes.

How did this gig come about?

Through an email (laughs).

What can the audience expect on Sunday, August 6th?

A big, big show!