We’re the hottest in the country!

It’s confirmed! Roscommon is one of Ireland’s hottest counties – weather-wise that is! Forecasts from Met Éireann’s daily weather report showed that Roscommon was ranked one of the hottest places in Ireland on Sunday last, with temperatures almost reaching a staggering 26 degrees.    Most of the country enjoyed heat in the low to mid-20s, but according to Met Eireann forecaster Michael McAuliffe, Roscommon benefited from some of the highest recorded temperatures.    ‘No June records have been set yet but we have seen the highest temperatures so far this spring and summer in some places. It reached 25.5 and 25.4 in some areas of Roscommon, Sligo and Fermanagh.’   These Mediterranean-style temperatures, of course meant huge crowds of people flocking to the Roscommon Races, in order to make the most of the wonderful weather.    Hundreds more folk from the county embarked on an exodus to local beaches, while barbecues were very popular at many households throughout the county!