Wear Orange – and help this heroic couple and their beautiful children

I want to write about a local mother and father this week. They are Paula and Padraic Naughton. They are parents of handsome little Archie (10); who, along with his cute, cherub-like twin brothers George and Isaac (5), has been diagnosed with the terminal condition that is Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

  I’ve never met this couple, but I’m familiar with the family’s plight – as most Roscommon People readers no doubt are.

  This brave mother, along with her dedicated husband, Padraic, has spent each day battling to save their sons’ lives and raise awareness of DMD through the ‘Join Our Boys’ Trust.

  As parents, we don’t expect to outlive our children. It’s not the natural order of things; one can only imagine what it is like to have to cope with the knowledge that all three of your exquisite, irreplaceable babies are suffering from a terminal condition…to have to cope with the knowledge that the odds are stacked against them, that they’re facing the injustice of possibly never getting the chance to live long enough to reach their full and fabulous potential as adults, as contributing members of society, as husbands, as dads and as uncles.

  Yet, despite this unfair adversity, this extraordinary family were interviewed in the Irish Independent this week, and, rather than being a household engulfed and overwrought with despair, they came across as upbeat and full of hope for their boys; defining themselves as a loving unit, as a couple who can actually manage to be three people at once; partner, parent and campaigner!

  This heroic couple are trying to make sense of their children’s illness by raising awareness of Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy.

  The Naughtons are a shining example to the rest of us. When the unthinkable happens, when we hit rock bottom, there is still something solid beneath that despair; something which we can use as leverage to climb back up again and fight, battle, wage war and somehow, soldier on.

  This couple’s resilience is so admirable, as is the support they have received from the Roscommon public.

  Paula has said she and Padraic are “privileged to have the boys as our children.” They are also privileged to have you as their parents! Privileged to have two superheroes in you and Padraic, a mammy and a daddy so intimately involved, so undeniably strong, that, if, God forbid, should the time come where you face the unfaceable and have to cope with the unendurable, your bond as a couple will prove unbreakable. I wish you hope, continued strength and oodles of love.

  Please Wear Orange on 1st May – it’s the three Naughton boys’ favourite colour and donate €2 to the Join Our Boys fund. For more info log onto www.joinourboys.org.

Z-listers grovelling for attention – hardly headline news!

It must have been a slow news week for those elite, cutting-edge folk sitting on The Indo’s backbench production line; then again, maybe it was just their attempt to prevent an unpopular drug mule hogging the headlines that garnered a ridiculous lead story in the publication’s ‘Style, Celebrity News’ section.  ‘This is what bikini shopping looks like when you’re Vogue Williams,’ they enthused.

  Methinks the creative team needs a shake-up if they believe this is interesting fodder. You see, social butterfly Williams, whom it appears, constantly walks around with a duck face pout, wearing scant else but her skivvies, oh, and that bloody ‘phone which is moulded to her hand, shared yet another, half-naked, mundane mirror selfie whilst wiggling into a ‘new Calvin Klein bikini in Dundrum, with her hair fresh from a bouncy blowdry and perfectly manicured nails.’ Yeah, yeah, we get it Vanity Smurf, you’ve got amazing baby pec action going on, you’ve got a ‘thigh gap’ and you can afford designer swimwear.

  What next? ‘This is what shopping for loo roll looks like when you’re Vogue Williams.’ Cringeworthy on so many levels.

Local Car Wash in aid of Kids’ Charity Barnardos


Those delightful deli dollies down at Applegreen Service Station in Tulsk – you know the one, it’s at the crossroads – have organised a Charity Car Wash in aid of Barnardos Children’s charity this Sunday, 17th April, from 11 am to 4 pm.

  The lovely ladies tell me the caring kiddies from the local Tulsk GAA U-12s will be rolling up their jersey sleeves and helping to wash customers’ cars alongside service station staff. 

  “We want the local community to come and join us on the day to have fun and help raise funds for Barnardos; and, no matter how big or small the donation, remember it will help to change a child’s life,” says Caroline.

  Motorists are invited to take their car along, have it washed and make a donation to the charity. In addition, there’s going to be a Spinathon and other events going on until 4 pm; so do drop by, it’s a very worthy cause…and please be generous! 

  Sure maybe I’ll see you there; my own car is so dirty it looks like a rolling skip; it’s only a matter of time before some smartass writes ‘wash me’ on the boot!