“We only pick the best possible team!” – McStay

Nobody said it would be easy. This week will test the resolve, not only of the Roscommon players but of the team management too as they try to defy the stats and produce a win for Roscommon against Clare on Saturday after the chastening experience that was MacHale Park last Sunday. But Kevin McStay remains upbeat and positive and is totally determined to redeem Roscommon’s reputation and to steer them to the quarter-finals.

  “We can’t ignore what happened in MacHale Park but we are approaching our training this week in a confident manner and we are determined to turn it around. I know that there has been a bit of controversy about the venue but that doesn’t really matter to us. The bottom line is that if we play as badly as we did last Sunday it won’t matter what venue the game is in because we won’t win.

  “One thing for certain we will be trying a new approach this weekend because what we tried last Sunday did not work. The facts are that we are one game away from the quarter-finals and we will do everything we can to get there. At this stage of the week (Tuesday) I can’t say what changes we will make but there is not much point in making changes just for the sake of it but we will be trying something new.

  “I want to make a very important point about changes. There are many very genuine people who say to me   ‘where is this player or that player?’ and ‘why are they not starting or coming on?’   or whatever and my answer is that we have seen every player since we started last year in training and in their preparation work, and I can honestly say that there are a number of players on our panel who have missed vital parts of our training through injury and we have all the information about every player in terms of their physical shape, conditioning and their form. We pick the team on all that information and what we see in training and I can assure you and the fans out there that we would never pick anything other than what we consider is our best and strongest Roscommon team for every game and those are the facts.

  “I know last Sunday was really disappointing and I also know that we are a better team than we showed in that game. The positive thing is that we have no injuries after the game and now it is up to us as a group to stick together and come out fighting on Saturday. I know that the statistics are against us on the six-day turnaround thing but I am confident we will get a response form the lads. We have worked so hard this year and we will give it a serious lash I can guarantee you that.”