We must fight proposals – Hanley

Master of Ceremonies on Saturday was Mr. John F. Hanley, President of Roscommon Lions Club.    He began the formal proceedings by announcing that the event was a rally in support of the retention of acute surgical services at Roscommon County Hospital. He praised the turnout on what was a dreadful day weather-wise.    Mr. Hanley welcomed politicians who were present and stressed that the rally was non-political.    After the guest speakers had addressed the public, Mr. Hanley made some closing comments. Noting that Roscommon Hospital was built around 1940, at a time when there was little money in the country, he spoke of the irony of it now being perceived to under threat in an era of economic prosperity.    Mr. Hanley concluded by thanking all who had turned out for the rally and by advising that, together, we must make sure that the mooted downgrading is not tolerated.