‘We’ll have a welfare state if young people cannot buy homes’



The current housing strategy is failing the current generation and we are in danger of creating a welfare state, Michael O’Flynn, Chairman and CEO of the O’Flynn Group told the annual conference of IPAV, the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers, in Mullingar recently.

  He said we need to ask ourselves whether home ownership is an obsession or simply “a sensible economic and social decision everyone should have a right to make”.

  Policies must support the development of an appropriate number of buy-to-rent units.  

  “However, promoting the idea that 50pc or more of homes should be rented is irresponsible when no assessment whatever has been undertaken as to how this can fit with Ireland’s economic and pension policies or the mindset of people,” he said. “Before prioritising build to rent we need to consider if this is what people want and will be able to afford in the long-term or is it just that the vocal few, comfortably living in homes they own themselves, believe that long-term rental should be good enough for others”.