‘We have no policy on transport’ – Fitzmaurice

Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice has claimed that the Government has no credible policy on transport.


  He said: “In 2009/2010 the Green/ Fianna Fáil Government reduced the motor tax on diesel vehicles and people were being incentivised to change over to diesel.

  “Now the current Government are talking about penalising those who operate diesel vehicles with bans and extra charges.

  “It is totally unfair and will affect many people, especially those living in rural Ireland.”

  Deputy Fitzmaurice said that the Government’s stance was very adversely affecting rural Ireland.  

  “We know that there are transport problems all around the country but the lack of planning is affecting people in rural areas in particular.

  “For example, there are now 96,000 cars going into Galway City every day and the traffic situation there is now almost out of control. There is no coherent plan to address that problem at all.”

  Continuing, Deputy Fitzmaurice elaborated: “We now have various plans to restrict the use of diesel vehicles and even ban them from major cities – and there are also proposals to add 11 cent to the price of a litre of diesel over five years.

  “All that will do is penalise small businesses, haulage companies and people who have no access to public transport and who need their cars to get to work and go about their daily business. All the extra revenue will do is support the big companies involved in things like wind power, which is another issue.”

  Deputy Fitzmaurice called on the Government to draw up a proper transport policy for the whole country – “one that will cater for the needs of urban and rural dwellers alike and that treats eveyone fairly.”