We all need a hero like Jack Brennan



I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again, there are some amazing people living in this county…Jack Brennan, a carer from Frenchpark is one of them.

  OMG, I was in shreds watching his interview on RTE’s Prime Time last week. My eyes were raw from crying, especially when I realised that, according to Census 2016, the number of carers aged 85 years and above has rocketed by 35 per cent.

  We should all be lucky enough to find a soulmate so dedicated, so thoughtful and so loyal that, when the going gets tough, and we need them most, their devotion, like Jack’s, knows no limits.

  However, it’s tragically sad that, as an ageing population, many of those caring for elderly relatives are themselves seniors who are not just frail, but also have some chronic condition such as arthritis, diabetes or even heart problems, meaning they too need help. Yet, like Jack, they plough through. Why? Because, as this amazing gentleman told Miriam O’Callaghan, he refused, (at the time of filming) to even consider placing his beautiful wife Bernie, (who sadly has Alzheimer’s disease and cannot perform the most basic of tasks for herself), into a home, insisting: “I’ve got to keep her beside me and that’s it, because I love her, simple, I just love the woman”.  

  Jack, your beautiful Bernie may have, through no fault of her own, locked you out of her life, but she will never, ever lock you out of her heart, my darling.

  Viewers were sadly informed that, since filming, Jack had suffered a minor stroke and his darling Bernie is now being cared for in a nursing home.

Ask some relevant questions, Adam!

As Sky News anchor Adam Boulton defended his interview style regarding what has been deemed as an “arrogant” and “condescending” tone when questioning Tánaiste Simon Coveney with the childish ‘Some of you Irish need to get over yourselves,’ tweet, I have to respond that some of you Brits need to climb down out of your own backsides!

  You see Adam, if you, (the Brits) want to hold onto any political legitimacy in the eyes of the Irish people, your government needs to at least have a short term (never mind a medium or long term) plan. I mean, you’d be a far more effective journalist in my opinion if you asked Theresa May and that comedian, sorry Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis, some relevant questions, such as why they’re exiting the EU without forseeing the devastating consequences to your own country. It’s sad when professionals like Adam (whom I respect) are too lazy to do their research and see the big picture and instead use emotional blackmail to take cheap shots at Ireland, which is, by the way, probably the only friend the UK has left.

  I mean, while we, (the Irish), have been discussing and worrying about the obvious financial outcomes of your ‘leave’ vote, it appears you, (the Brits), had not even managed to produce any forecasts on the likely impact Brexit will have on your economy. So isn’t it time to stop verbally attacking your neighbours and instead start focusing on the fact that the lives of British citizens, i.e. workers and consumers, may not only depreciate, but may also wane and weaken? Tweet that why don’t ya!

Keeping it local!

Now, more than ever, the local, family-run, family-owned, and community-oriented newspaper is vitally important; and I’ll tell you why. It’s working for you…the reader, the business person and the local sports club and community group, etc.

  It was announced last week that, pending regulatory approval by The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and The Environment and The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, The Irish Times have agreed an exciting deal to buy the publishing and media interests of the Landmark Media Group which, owns a number of media assets, including a regional title in this area, and I wish all involved every possible success and goodwill.

  However, readers, remember this…when it comes to building a brand in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of meeja, the internet, with its cute kitten videos and so-called social network ‘influencers’ (who by the way are paid to plug products, so don’t get suckered in) and the all too often misleading ‘fake news’ items, etc., the relationship you build with the local friendly newspaper editor/owner is likely be your most important one.

  You see, some of the time (not all, I hasten to add), nationally-owned news organisations may (may not) take a local news story and, due to constraints, (no fault of their own), are not always in a position to afford it the full in-depth attention it so richly deserves. That is why it’s important to be loyal to your local independently-owned newspaper which is not trying to make a statement on the national market, and please everybody, rather it’s concentrating one hundred per cent on its readers’ issues, trials and tribulations, meaning it will always be the fastest and most effective way to reach the people you need to reach.

  Yes folks, while the local newspaper may not often seem like the most glamorous route to choose when conveying your message, an editor/owner who has the last word, the final say, and who doesn’t have to call a round table board meeting and get special dispensation from the big-wig bean counters, but who can make a decision regarding content on his/her own, at a moment’s notice, can never, and should never, be underestimated. Just sayin’.