Water world

It just came about that I found myself living on an island. Water is all around us and for the past two months, whether we like it or not, water is coming at us from all directions – even the sky!             When I came to Ireland, I couldn’t make friends with the rain, and although I lived on an island, I often forgot this fact.   But, after a few months I decided to like the fact that water is all around. Because it’s better that way and removes the need to be complaining all the time. It’s like the old Chinese proverb, ‘if you can’t stop it, become a part of it’.             Recently, on a Sunday, we decided to go jet skiing. The day started off really well. It wasn’t raining. The birds outside singing were singing Irish songs. So, we headed off. The beaches in the south of Ireland are full of beautiful sand. Maybe they are not as picturesque as the Polish beaches on the Baltic Sea. Ha ha! With a jet ski full of petrol, it was time for the madness to begin.             I have a confession to make – it was the first time in my life on jet skis. I was really scared and I looked terrible in the wetsuit, which was too big. When I was ready, I decided to try my luck with these golden vehicles called jet skis. Oi! What fun! Before this, I thought the thing that made me happiest was driving and just like that, it’s all changed and my favourite mode of transport is these small vehicles which can reach up to 80 km per hour, with no traffic in sight.             After one hour I was exhausted, wet, cold, but with a big smile on my face, I left the water behind me. This time I had a lot of good luck because the rain came in the late afternoon, so I was able to hide in a warm car. That day was really filled with adventure and fun. All negative energy was whisked away with the outgoing waves.             This time, I wasn’t even sick and with pleasure I saw that more Polish people are trying water sports. Now, when it’s raining, I just imagine that this water is the water from my jet skis – no, no, don’t be scared, I’m not mad, I just sometimes try unusual things. The easiest option isn’t always the most fun. Sometimes you have to exert yourself and try something different.             From now on, I will not complain about the rain, but just take my water skis, jet ski, surf board or lifebelt and spend my Sundays on the water. Of course, when the flood comes on earth again, I won’t have any problem swimming to the shore – maybe even to Poland!             Contact Marta at martakamykowa@wp.pl