Warning over Japanese Knotweed

Cllr. Paschal Fitzmaurice is reminding people to check for Japanese Knotweed on their property and if necessary to get professional help to eradicate it.

  Cllr. Fitzmaurice advises that flowers appear on the weed in September and he says this is a good time to spray the weed to start the process of eradication.

  “While local authorities along with the Department of Transport have a programme to tackle the weed on the side of public roads, the weed will be left untreated inside the fence on private property – which is a bit daft. So it’s up to the landowner to tackle the weed on their own property.

  “It is very important to tackle this weed as we may see a change in planning law in the future where the presence of the weed may affect planning. In the UK, if the weed is found on your property or near your house, it affects the sale of the property.

  He added: “While the weed is only in a limited number of places in our county, the eradication is very important. There are many companies who are competent in the eradication of the weed and I am encouraging people to firstly identify the plant and get help to tackle it.”