Ward anger as Leitrim hit ‘self-destruct button’

Joint Roscommon manager Fergal O’Donnell was happy with the team’s comprehensive win – but felt the scoreline flattered the visitors.

  Stating that management was “happy enough” with how the game had gone, O’Donnell described it as “a good win.”

  “We scored well, but we were poor in some facets of the play. The score flattered us in the end. They were down two men and we missed a few chances in the game earlier on and we should have been leading by more. It was satisfactory – that’s the best way to explain it.”

  Looking to the Connacht semi-final, O’Donnell said: “We will have to get down to work now for the Sligo game. The players will have every incentive after what happened last year. Roscommon were raging hot favourites last year but that won’t be the case this time.

  “Sligo finished the league well and they were very high scorers…but we have three weeks to work hard and we will be ready for it on the 12th of June.”

  Leitrim manager Shane Ward was at a loss as to why his players showed such ill-discipline (Leitrim had two players sent off and two more black-carded).

  “We went out with the intention of winning the game there today, but it didn’t work out. When a game is slipping away from you, a team have to show discipline and we didn’t do that today. I cannot understand why that happened.

  “We had a few chances early on and we didn’t take them and we were punished by a very good Roscommon team. Everything that happened out there today was within our control and the result reflects that and the players had a platform to build on.

  “The preparations were good and everything went well but when the players go out on the field they have to take responsibility themselves and we just hit the self-destruct button. We played hardball with Roscommon when we didn’t need to and I was disappointed with that.”

O’Donnell: Win ‘satisfactory’