Waldron says An Post needs ‘A New Vision’

Councillor Anthony Waldron has called on An Post to pursue a ‘new vision’, and suggests that revisiting a report commissioned by the company’s unions – which was actually called ‘A New Vision’ – would be a good starting point.

Of the weekend announcement, Cllr Waldron said: “This is not progress in any shape or form. The local post office has for many years been the lifeblood of many towns and villages in rural Ireland. Aside from the vital services it delivers, our post office is also a meeting point and seen by many as the heart and soul of the community.

“The postmaster knew everyone, and the post office was a place where people connected to converse and share in local events. During the past number of years, and particularly since Covid hit, we have seen the closure of all too many. Villages that once had a daily buzz around the post office are silent, doors locked, the building a ghostly shell. We cannot allow this to happen in Roscommon Town”.

Cllr Waldron added: “In the document ‘An Post – A New Vision’ by Paddy Walley – a report commissioned by the An Post Group of Unions – the author states: ‘The sense of community, of social bonding and belonging, which An Post represents for individuals and communities, is a very important part of the fabric of Irish society and also of the commercial value of An Post. An Post is not just another commercial entity, it is an important part of the social capital of the country which has been built over many years. Its commercial value incorporates important social objectives which should be integrated into any model of its development for the future…’”.

Urging An Post to have a rethink on its position, Waldron concluded: “After all, the very fabric of our society is built upon the post office – lest we forget  the pivotal role of the GPO in O’Connell Street in the formation of our Republic”.