Wake up to post office threat

IFA this week called for urgent government action to protect the vital social functions provided by rural post office.  "If the Government’s social welfare payments contract is lost, up to 70 percent of rural post offices will close," say IFA Countryside. Following a meeting with the Post Masters Union, IFA Countryside Chairman, David Wilkinson said, "immediate Government action and support was required to protect the vital rural network of post offices". He said, "there is a very real threat that rural post offices will lose the vital contract of making social welfare payments and if this happens it will decimate the network". He also said that if the Taoiseach and the Government are serious about rural communities, they must intervene now to ensure that the few remaining services that encourage community and provides support for the most vulnerable within those communities are maintained. Mr Wilkinson also called on rural people to wake up to the real dangers of losing their local post office and make their views known by contacting their public representatives demanding Government intervention and support.