Vote for Callum – only Irish finalist in Cadbury Inventor’ competition!





Callum Clogher, a 17-year-old County Roscommon student, has been revealed as one of three finalists in the ‘Cadbury Inventor’ competition, which gave Cadbury fans across Ireland and the UK the chance to create their very own Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. Callum is the only finalist from Ireland.

  Louis Walsh has rowed in to support Callum and is calling on the people of Ireland to vote for Callum’s creation on the competition website – – as the three finalist bars hit shelves across the country this week, for a limited time only.

  Speaking about the Cadbury Inventor competition and Callum’s creation, Louis Walsh said: “Cadbury has always been very near and dear to my heart, so I am thrilled to lend my support to Callum and his brilliant creation. It’s a million percent yes from me! I am calling on people across the country to get behind him and log on to vote”.

  Launched last year, the Cadbury Inventor competition gave people the chance to create their very own Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, where entrants were able to add up to three ingredients, then name their bar and explain what inspired their creation, before hitting send on their entry.

  Callum, who is from Dysart, has created the Cadbury Dairy Milk CHOCA-LATTE, based on his love for coffee and chocolate. Callum’s bar consists of a delicious mix of coffee cream and vanilla sandwiched, in between the smooth taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

  Speaking about his creation, Callum said: “I love the taste of coffee and I have always loved chocolate, so I knew the chocolate and coffee combination would taste great together, if done just right. The whole Cadbury Inventor experience has been amazing and surreal. I can’t quite believe that I have made it to the final and I’m the only Irish finalist in the competition. It would be great to win, but I just hope that everyone likes my creation and I can’t wait to see something I made on shop shelves”.

  Callum and his fellow finalists, Melanie and Neelam – both based in the UK – will now battle it out for their bar to stay on supermarket shelves.