Volunteering Overseas event

Would you like to be a volunteer in the third world? Are you considering being a volunteer overseas? Are you interested in getting more information on volunteering abroad and learning how you go about it? If so, you are invited to attend an information session on overseas volunteering in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon on Saturday 20th October from 11 am to 2 pm. The purpose of the event is to promote overseas volunteerism. The information session will consist of hearing at first hand the experiences and stories of third world volunteers, all of whom are from or living in County Roscommon. The volunteers will give their insights from working in various continents and countries throughout the world including Africa, south and central America, Asia and India. Some well known local people will be among the speakers who have overseas volunteering experience and they include Gerry Nolan (KDL), Hugh Baxter and footballer John Tiernan. Hear directly how volunteering overseas has had life-changing positive effects on the people involved and how they have been inspired. Information will be provided on the expectations and objectives of sender agencies who arrange international volunteering. Dervla King from Comhlamh, an Irish organisation with over thirty years of working with overseas volunteers, will be present and will outline what are the main issues and challenges that face those who are considering volunteering abroad and how they could go about fulfilling their ambitions. The information session will also explore the expectations and motivations of those who may be considering volunteering and outline the supports that exist for those planning such a venture. Anyone interested is very welcome. According to the event organisers  ”County Roscommon has a good tradition of volunteering overseas and this event will give anyone who might be thinking of embarking on such a venture an opportunity of getting information. It is worth noting also that different sender organisations and agencies encourage volunteerism from a broad range of age groups as well as for short, medium and longer periods. One of the key issues and challenges is to match one’s skill set to specific sender organisation aims that range from community development, education and training, health, engineering, construction, administration, caring, human rights, agriculture, the environment , emergency aid, etc.” For further information and details on the event contact Noel Connolly (090) 6627602.