Vogel’s new botanical supplement at O’Brien’s

Alfred Vogel’s new antioxidant anti-ageing complex is now available at O’Brien’s Pharmacy in Roscommon.             The new complex contains a rich amalgamation of certain plants known for their antioxidant properties, including elderberry, grape seeds, beetroot, carrots, ginger root, rosemary leaves, turmeric and green tea extract. These ingredients combine synergistically in the capsules to release a wave of revitalising elements.             Polyphenols found in elderberries and grape seeds, carotenoids found in carrots as well as catechin from green tea, all act as antioxidants. They offer protection to the body from damage by free radicals. These natural cell protectors must be absorbed from the diet as the body cannot make them on its own.             Further antioxidants are found in ginger, turmeric and rosemary. Elderberries and beetroot are rich in anthocyanidins which are also powerful antioxidants. Together with polyphenols they can support a healthy cardiovascular system.             Alfred Vogel’s Anti-Ageing Complex is produced from organic botanical ingredients. This combination offers the most natural nutritional supplement you can find.             The new anti-oxidant anti-ageing complex is not the only exciting product at O’Brien’s. The renowned pharmacy also stocks A. Vogel’s Molkosan Vitality, a nutritional prebiotic aimed at balancing the good bacteria in your system.             Indigestion, bloating and flatulence are common complaints and Molkosan Vitality can help. It’s a prebiotic powdered drink made from fermented whey, high in lactic acid, coupled with green tea extract which is rich in antioxidants.             The health benefits of whey have been promoted for centuries. Even Hippocrates recommended the milk serum of goats, sheep and cows to his patients approximately 400 years BC. He left boiling milk to curdle with fig juice and vinegar creating the refreshing drink.             One glass of Molkosan each day helps promote good digestion, supporting good bacteria, which help your digestive system to work at its optimum level.             Call in to O’Brien’s and discuss your requirements with staff. Alternatively, telephone (090) 66 26252.