Victoria donates hair to charity!




Seven-year-old Victoria Gasenko from Ballymoe got a haircut with a difference recently as she donated her long, lovely locks to the charity Rapunzel.

  People supporting the charity by donating their hair need to have hair which is 14 inches or longer when it is straightened before it is cut and used to make wigs.

  Victoria’s mum Olga is very proud of her daughter’s decision to give her hair to those who need it.

  “Victoria is giving back to someone who needs it, which is great. We found out about the Rapunzel Foundation through Facebook. I didn’t know a lot about them but we looked them up and Victoria decided to donate. Someone will benefit from this, which is the most important thing”.

  The Rapunzel Foundation is a charity that aims to improve the lives of those living with hair loss through fund-raising as well as through hair donations. They help children and teenagers suffering with alopecia, which is the medical term for hair loss.

  Olga says her daughter was worried about having 14 inches of her hair cut off. However, they say that the hairdressers in Galaxy Hair & Beauty  in Roscommon town did an excellent job.

  “Victoria always liked her hair long. We didn’t have a plan to donate hair initially, but when we got more information on the charity then she decided to do it. The hairdressers did a very good job as they said it was their first time to see such long hair!”

  After Victoria’s hair was removed, it was placed in an envelope and sent to the charity to be used in suction wigs for people suffering with alopecia.  

  While her daughter’s hair is now much shorter, Olga is relieved that there is less work for her to do with Victoria’s hair in the mornings!

  “With the ‘old’ hair, it was some job in the morning trying to get her ready for school. It’s much easier now! Hopefully the hair Victoria donated will help someone”.