Valentine’s Day is for everyone


Valentine’s Day is not just for those bouquet-carrying, chocolate-binging, champagne-swilling, high on romance junkies; nay it’s for everyone. It’s a day for spreading the love; a day when we should all be able to feel free to tell that special someone just how much we cherish them.

  And so, if you want to express your admiration or esteem for someone this year, whether that’s a friend, a parent, a relative or indeed a work colleague who has helped you out, then why not choose this Valentine’s Day to do it.

 Here are some gift suggestions:

Flowers: While roses are generally linked to romance, seasonal blooms like tulips or daffodils or dainty snowdrops can make for a beautiful way to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ or ‘you make my days brighter,’ or indeed, ‘thank you.’

Dinner: A takeaway from your favourite ‘go to’ local and a bottle of wine, recommended by your neighbourhood off-licence, followed by an indulgent ‘cheat day’ dessert and a good blockbuster on the telly could be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with a friend or family member. You see, it’s the little things that often make a huge difference, and we’ll bet this gesture will melt that special someone’s heart at the mere fact you’ve thought of them. 

A parent/grandparent: Your mam/dad/grandparent will always be your first love, your first Valentine, so why not get a nice personalised cushion with a photo of you both on it; or a photo of their favourite pet. Then again, if mammy/nana’s a neat freak, (see self), a set of coasters showcasing her kids’/grandkids’ cherub like little faces will be most welcome. It’s up to you to decide whichever you think will get the most ‘aaaahhhh’ reaction.

Keepsake: A beautiful, sentimental parent/child ornament that mammy/daddy/grandparent can keep on the mantelpiece to remind them how much you love them will defo generate brownie points.

Your bestie: If you’re single (by choice or circumstance), then perhaps the best way to celebrate this day is to go out on the town with your BFF. Have dinner, enjoy a few drinks, take in a show or go to the movies; it’s your choice, it’s your day of fun. Oh but don’t forget to bring along a little ‘I appreciate you’ gift for your pal and partner in crime. What about a quirky, handbag-sized bottle of perfume/aftershave, or a selection of bath bombs in different fruit flavours. Then again, a pair of fluffy jammies and a voucher from his/her favourite takeaway would really say you’re their best bud for life!