Use the body’s natural bio energy fields

More and more people suffering from all kinds of ailments are turning to alternative forms of treatment, one of which is bio-energy. Bio-energy is the name given to the lifeforce energy within and around the human body. It cannot be seen by the naked eye but it can be photographed and measured using special equipment. Its existence is recognised by the World Health Organisation.   Bio-energy healing involves the use of healing techniques that work by rebalancing this life force energy without actually touching the patient. If the flow of energy through the body becomes blocked, imbalanced or disturbed in any way, it has an automatic effect on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body. The body will not function normally and disease can set in. During a healing session a trained therapist will locate these disturbances using a series of hand movements through the energy field around the body. The blockages are then released.

            Treatment is carried out in half-hour sessions over four days at the end of which the patient’s energies will be balanced and the body can begin to return to full health.

            Bio-energy can treat many diseases and has also given people relief from asthma, arthritis, migraine, skin problems, depression, back problems sports injuries and so on.

            For an appointment at the forthcoming bio-energy clinic to be held in Gleeson’s Townhouse, Roscommon, call (094) 95 40068 or (087) 2060781.